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Amenities and Environment

Amenities and Environment


Laundry and Dry Cleaning

The home has facilities to launder your personal clothing, which will normally be returned to you within 24 hours. There is no additional charge for this as it is included in the weekly fee. If you need items dry cleaned this can be arranged through your key worker and carried out in the local community but this will be a chargeable service.

Should you need to take medication you may manage this yourself or if necessary have the qualified staff manage it on your behalf. We have our own policies and procedures in relation to the administration of mediation following legislation and government guidelines and these will be explained to you. All of our staff are highly trained in the administration of medication and have regular updates to keep them up to date with current practices. All medication requests will be carried out from your preferred GP practice and regular medication reviews will be requested from your GP on your behalf.

Specialist Equipment
The home provides some specialist equipment such as hoists, lifts, specialist baths, beds, and mattresses. Where it has been assessed and agreed, as part of your Individual Care Plan that you require specialist aids, such as a communication aid for example, we will work with you to ensure this is sought in the most appropriate manner. We make arrangements for all equipment to be regularly serviced and maintained following manufacturers recommendations.

GP Cover
It is anticipated that the majority of residents will wish to be registered with a local GP. Arrangements for this will be discussed with you and a list of local GPs, from which you can choose, will be provided. However if you wish to remain with your own GP and they are able to accommodate you then you may do so. If you require medical treatment outside the capability of the home, you may need to go to hospital, your room will be kept for you until you are well enough to return.

Moving In
Prospective Service Users are encouraged to visit Stainton Way before making a decision to move in. The Manager and or the Deputy Manager would wherever possible visit the prospective resident to assess the needs and requirements to enable a smooth admission. Information would be sent to the relevant and significant others to ensure that we are able to deliver a service to you and meet all of your assessed needs.
At each stage the Manager and other staff are available to help. Families, friends and advocates can also be involved where Residents so wish.

Contract and Fees
You will need to sign a contract. This gives details of the conditions of residence in the Home. You should read it carefully before signing and ask the Manager to explain anything you don’t understand.
Your fees will be based on the individual detailed assessment carried out at the time of your application and will be reviewed annually or as your needs change. This will have to be agreed with anyone who is contributing to your funding, for example the Local Authority. Invoices for fees due are sent out each month.
The fees cover full board and lodging, and all aspects of the service provided to you as shown in your Individual Care Plan. The only items not covered are personal toiletries, transport (other than for medical reasons), and optional services such as alternative therapies, hairdressing, newspapers etc.

Individual Care Plans
Each Service User has an ICP which shows the support they need and wish to have and which the Home has agreed to provide. Residents and their loved ones are routinely involved in its planning and delivery. You will have the opportunity to discuss your long-term needs and preferred daily routine with your Key-worker and have it recorded in your ICP for reference. Regular reviews take place to ensure that changing needs are continuously assessed and are being met.
24 hour support is provided by staff that are experienced and trained to meet your needs. This might include visits to hospital, optician, dentist or other health care appointments as necessary. However we are able to offer GP, Dental and Optical services within the home if you so require or wish.

Key Working
The Home has a key worker system, which gives members of staff specific responsibility to look after the overall interest of individual Residents.
You will have your own identified Key worker; initially someone will be allocated to you but, as you become more familiar with members of staff, you may wish to request a change. There will be a picture of your allocated Key worker in your bedroom.

Residents are responsible for managing their own personal finances. However for individuals who are unwilling or unable to manage their own personal finance they will require a power of attorney or guardianship. Small amounts of personal money can be managed by the home and requested via the homes Administrator.

You’re Room
The Home is fully furnished; you can bring with you any items of furniture or your personal possessions which you value. You may wish to furnish your room entirely or simply bring personal items such as pictures, photographs and ornaments. This is your choice. For more valuable items we would require that you take out a personal insurance as the home could not take liability for expensive items damaged or lost.
The Home has a maintenance programme for decoration and soft furnishings and you will be consulted on decisions about your own room. However, you can also make changes to your room at your own expense, but this must be carried out to laid down standards, for example to comply with fire regulations, and agreed in advance with the Manager. You can have your own personal key for your room the staff will have master keys to let you in and out if this is preferred.

Televisions are provided in communal lounge areas. All bedrooms have television aerial points so you can provide your own television, video and so on if you so wish. If you do decide to have your own television you should register your TV with the TV license authority and there is a very minimal charge of £7.50 for under 75 yrs and it is free for over this age.

Call Bell System
The call system enables you to request assistance from the staff and is particularly important when something is urgent. You will be shown how this operates and staff are available for the whole 24 hour period. Special adaptations can be arranged to meet any individual requirements.

Electrical Appliances
You may bring your own electrical items into the Home. However, in order to comply with health and safety legislation, the Manager will need to arrange for the appropriate electrical safety check to be undertaken before they are used and then annually after this time.

A public telephone is provided within the Home. You can install a phone in your room, should you so wish, at your own expense. Many people in the Home have their own mobile phones, but they are asked to show consideration to other people when using their mobile telephones.

Regular delivery of newspapers and magazines can be arranged although you will be expected to meet the cost of these publications.

Mail received at the Home addressed to you will be handed to you promptly and unopened. If you need assistance with opening/reading correspondence staff will be happy to assist. They can also post letters for you should you so wish.

Every room can be provided with a lockable facility which you are encouraged to use. You should not leave valuables or money lying around in your bedroom and if necessary the Manager or your Key worker will help you with arrangement for their safekeeping and we request that you take out insurance for these items.

If you wish to have a pet in the Home this may be possible, but you will need to discuss it with the Manager. Other Resident’s views will be taken into account in making this decision and you will need to take full responsibility for the care and behaviour as well as all costs of your pet.

Therapeutic Treatment
The Home assists with access to specific therapeutic services. These are: Dentist, Opticians & Chiropody. However if you require any alternative or holistic therapy then we would assist you in obtaining this where possible

We have our own hairdressing salon which is situated on the ground floor and a qualified hairdresser will visit the Care Centre approximately twice weekly or dependent on the Resident’s needs or wishes. The salon is open on planned days of the week, details will be provided upon request and you can have your hair done at your own expense, a prices list will be provided on request from the Administrator. Or if you prefer to continue to use your usual hairdresser, arrangements can be made for them to come to Stainton Way or for you to go to their Salon.

The Care Centre has a number of volunteers who provide invaluable support in a number of ways such as befriending, escorting, helping with activities, fund-raising, gardening and giving assistance at mealtimes. These volunteers provide an extra dimension to Stainton Way Care Home services in maintaining and enhancing the standards of service provided.

We encourage all our residents to engage with others in our activity programme which is designed by the Resident’s, staff and families. We offer one to one sessions with staff, outings to the local garden centre, trips to local coffee shop, tea dances, clubs at the local church, film shows, arts and crafts, keep fit classes, bingo, dominoes. Activities staff will support you in this.

Getting Involved
It is Stainton Way philosophy to enable Service Users to remain as independent as they wish and to contribute to the running of the Home. You can become involved in the running of the Home in a variety of ways and you should talk to the Manager or your Key worker if this is something you would be interested in. For example, Service Users are offered the opportunity of being involved in staff recruitment, fund-raising, operational activities and decoration of the home.

Local Amenities
The home it situated on Stainton Way near Stainton Village a lovely village with a pub and village shop. Also nearby is Coulby Centre with a range of shops, a large Tesco supermarket and a chemist. The Unicorn Centre is opposite with horses and ponies. Also Hemlington Lake is within close proximity with lovely walks. The No 12 bus is available to get you to Middlesbrough Town Centre.

Religious and Cultural Preferences
Every effort is made to help Service Users follow the religious practice of their choice. We have Christian services in our home on a regular basis with services of different denominations also available. The staff will enable Resident’s user to attend their religious preference where possible.

Resident’s choose to take a variety of holidays. Some arrange these independently whilst others choose to seek assistance from staff. In any event please inform the Management team if you intend to be away from the Home.

The Home is equipped with a fire alarm system. The system is tested weekly but staff will explain the procedure to be followed in the event of a fire or on hearing the fire alarm. They receive regular training and will give any assistance necessary. The Home has an evacuation procedure which has been agreed with the local Fire Service. Individual Fire notices are displayed on the door of your room and all staff are aware of this, as well as your individual needs to enable your safe exit from the building should it ever become necessary.

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